Dress Up For Easter!

For Christians that follow Gregorian Calendar these few days are very merry ones. It is Easter, one of the happiest holidays, favorite of both grown-ups and children. It is a perk that it falls in spring when nature boasts with all its beauty, its colors, and shapes and not to forget rich smells, a perk we who love fashion know how to use in our favor.

We love holidays because they are the perfect time for us to get out our fanciest fashion items. A perfect time for that one dress we bought but did not really have it all planned where to wear it, or those fancy high heels that similarly need an occasion to be worn.

She Simply Shops did not leave you hanging for this holiday either like we never did for any other, I went to our shop to find some of the best items for you guys that you can wear for Easter.


First thing I would recommend you guys for this holiday is this absolutely amazing lacy bohemian dress, we have it in black and white color but for the occasion, i would suggest this white one. It is perfect for spring period, but for this holiday it is a hit. You can wear it in more than one way, for places where spring is slacking i would recommend lovely leather jacket or faux fur vest over it.

You can also buy this pink lace shirt from us, it is very elegant, church appropriate… simply a shirt that every woman should own really, and it is super affordable! You get to look like million dollars in a shirt that is just 51.10$ ! Click the price underneath the picture to get to our shop and buy this beauty.



If you guys are still in need of an outwear, i found a pretty good option for you to cover up in something quite nice, you will agree. This Suede moto jacket is perfect because of many reasons, first of all it is a trendy cut, trendy material and above all quite a trendy color. You can also pick a light gray one that we also have, but this camel one is my personal favorite if i can have a favorite with this jacket because both colors are amazing!

While we are speaking of outwear, i found another jacket that you could dress up in this Easter and look bomb. Yes, it was a word play, as you can see, as shown above one of our loveliest and most sold jackets, this olive green bomber! If you are not a fan of color, strange person you are, but if you are not a fan of color we also have this lovely bomber jacket in black and navy! Bomber jackets are nothing new on the fashion scene and few years ago they were THE trend, now their time has not yet passed, they are simply too good to forget about.


I picked this items with a lot of love you guys with a wish to dress you up to look like dolls that you are for Easter, we have even more gorgeous clothes in our shop, more as in alot, all of high quality and of great beauty, so what are you waiting for exactly? Go shop now.


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