Dress For Festive Season

It is that time of the year when we take out our fanciest dresses and pair them with our best shoes. The time when glitter, leather, and velvet dominate our wardrobe. From one party to another until December ends, one has to figure out how to dress for the festive season!


  1. Glitter

As I mentioned in our little intro, glitter is something you can count on. Winter festivities are perfect for glitter because of the sparkly association we have with Christman and New Years bright lights and shimmer of the snow. This season almost every single designer has incorporated glitter embellished items in their lines. One of the famous trends this year when it comes to glitter is ”glittery shoes”, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and CELINE DION have famously worn Saint Laurent Glitter Boots and the world was in awe!

famous Saint Laurent Glitter Boots


2. Fur

I have spoken on how a great trend fur is for fall 2017, well it certainly continues to rock fashion world and is most definitively perfect for the month when we wear dressed for the most part. We are guaranteed not only to look absolutely amazing in it but also be very warm. Let the New Year start with faux fur.

Chanel fur jacket

3. Sheer fabric

Good thing fur will be trendy because one of the trends that you can incorporate into your festive style is.. well quite sheer. The trend of Sheer clothes lasts for quite some time now, but this year it seems it is going to take a whole new grunge level. Yes, Grunge . Fancy Grunge actually. Fabrics are completely sheer, no embellishments, or really minimal amount of them and a nice bra underneath in the same color as top sheer material.

Completly Sheer materials


4. Lace

On the opposite side of grunge-inspired sheer materials, we have a trend of nice lace that hugs every inch of your body. So we would express the class and purity of the Christmas celebrations, opting out for lace covered blouses or dresses is a great thing.


Blouses with lace are great for classy festive looks

5. Leather

The fall-winter season cannot pass without it, an especially festive season when we want to sometimes give our looks a dose of edgy elegance. This festive season if you decide to go with a nice leather skirt or pants, you cannot make a bad decision!


6. Velvet

I have spoken on the topic of how great the trend of velvety clothes this season is, so if you are a faithful reader you probably figured that velvet will make this list (also I have mentioned it in the intro, you know). I left my favorite for the last. I have fond memories of velvet fashion and festive season as velvet was a huge thing when I was growing up, and it turns out it was perfect for Christmas parties back then and it certainly, mark my words, is perfect for the same now!


I hope this little list was of help to some of you, I tried to keep it as much as general as I could so you guys would have the creative freedom with the ways you would combine all of this. Hope this article was helpful and I expect to see a lot of trendy ladies at my parties this year.

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