Don’s Voice: First Time in 20 Years, Don Can Speak – And He Says…

Don and Lorraine got married 25 years ago. Like any other couple, they had dreams about their future. But, life had other plans. Five years into their marriage Don was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS (ALS Bucket Challenge, does it ring a bell?).

ALS is one of the worst degenerative disorders, wherein the neurons in the brain slowly die. The person slowly looses control over the body and the ability to do any of the things that a normal person can do.

Don was able to do most of the things that he used to before the diagnosis for the first year. One by one he started losing his abilities, and eventually he became confined to his wheelchair even without the ability to speak. He could no more tell his wife how lucky he is to have her and how much he loves her. He could no more tell his children what they mean to him. More importantly he could not tell them what their support over the last 20 years means to him.

While Don was losing his skills slowly, there was something wonderful happening in the world. Technology has developed at a breakneck pace and has changed the world around us. Don has never experienced technology as most of us today have. In fact, he has never touched a computer, but it is technology that has come to his rescue.

Not Impossible Labs is an organization that uses technology to make the impossible possible. It helps people like Don to overcome their limitations by designing tech-based solutions. Their innovations solve real world problems in the areas of communication, mobility and health. They worked closely with Don and his family for over a year to give his voice back again. Watch this video to see if they succeeded:

H/T: Faith It, Not Impossible

Photo Credits: Not Impossible

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