Couple Accidentally Text Strangers about Labor, Strangers Turn up With Gifts

Have you ever received a text that was not intended to you or sent a text to the wrong person? It sometimes is annoying and sometimes hilarious, but this story turns out to be pleasantly inspiring and shows that the world is full of great people.

Mark and Lindsey Lashley were very excited about welcoming a new member to the family. When Lindsey went into labor, Mark sent texts to his family and friends informing them about the great news. One of the recipients of the text was Dennis Williams. Only problem was that Dennis did not know who Mark and Lindsey were.

You might think that Dennis just ignored the text or informed Mark that he has got the wrong number. Well, that is where this story gets interesting.

Here is how the conversation went:


And guess what? Dennis did show up at the hospital with his brother Deorick. They brought gifts for the new born.

Mark and Lindsey were so moved by the gesture that they shared their experience on Facebook:

H/T: Inspire More, Deorick Williams

Photo Credits: Inspire More, Deorick Williams

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