10 Common Hair Mistakes You Have To Stop Now

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We all want to have that great hair, like the one you see on television commercials: shiny, smooth and glowing. The problem is there is too much stuff out there that promises great hair. More importantly, there is also too much advise out there on how to get great hair. This problem of plenty takes the focus away on some of the small things that are important for good hair. Here, we try to bring the focus back to the things that you shouldn’t be doing rather than the things you should be doing. Yes, there are things that are an absolute No-No when it comes to taking care of your hair. No well how well you take care of your hair, if you indulge in the following things, you will not be able to get that beautiful hair. So here it goes, Most Common Hair Mistakes That You Have To Avoid:

1. Never Comb Your Hair When It Is Wet

Wet Hair

Combing your hair when it is wet is an absolute NO. If you want to detangle it, use a wide-tooth comb and do not be too hard. Do it gently. When you attempt to comb your hair when it is wet, you will end up stretching it and breaking the hair fibers.

Wet Hair

2. Avoid Thick Layers of Moisturizers or Conditioners


Stop applying thick coats of moisturizer or conditioners. Instead use thin layers. Doing this will allow the moisturizer or conditioner to easily soak into your hair. Also, it will prevent over using the products.

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