Celebrity Style: Dua Lipa

With her sultry voice, smoldering good looks, and a style reminiscent of the 90s, it’s hard not to give notice to rising star, Dua Lipa. Just watching some of her music videos such as “Hotter Than Hell”, “Blow Your Mind”, and, more recently, “New Rules” is enough to make you want to be her. Or at least dress like her. She is the epitome of “cool girl” and has already amassed quite a following (her Instagram account a testament to this).

Hardly one to play it safe when it comes to her fashion choices, Dua Lipa is often seen wearing platform boots and statement pieces that would otherwise be a hard look to pull off. The 22-year-old Albanian-British Dua Lipa admits that when it comes to her sense of style, she feels very inspired by the Nineties, even naming icons from that era, such as Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, and Chloe Sevigny as her style inspirations.

Feeling confident enough to rock Dua Lipa’s Nineties cool girl style? Here are some tips to help you emulate her bold looks:

1. Bold Cover Up

If you’ve been following Dua Lipa’s style both on and offstage, you might notice that she’s almost always sporting a jacket or coat in bold colors and/or design, and this sequined bomber jacket definitely screams Dua Lipa.

2. Bare it All

Or you know, just show off a bit of skin. Dua Lipa is often seen pairing her bold jackets/coats with bralettes, and if you’re comfortable enough in your own skin, then a lacey number would be the perfect choice to wear underneath a statement jacket/coat.

3. Floral Dress Up

Sometimes, you’ll also catch her wearing something ultra feminine such as a pretty off-shoulder floral dress or the floor-length long-sleeves dress she wore at the Dunkirk premiere in London.

4. Sequined Siren

Dua Lipa is also not one to shy away from sequins! Whether she’s wearing them with puffed mutton sleeves or fishnet stockings, the sparklier and eye-catching it is, the better.

5. Platform Love

Dua Lipa once claimed on an interview that she doesn’t go anywhere without her platform boots and that she wears them more than heels. So if you want to steal this It-Girl’s style, you might want to try giving platform boots a chance. And if you already do? All the better.

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