Celebrities’ Public Photos vs. Celebrities’ Real Photos

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Celebrities are not always as they look in their public photos. More often than not it is a fake smile but their craft makes it possible for them to pull it off without an iota of doubt. Photographer Andrew H. Walker has tried to drop this veil through simple yet brilliant photo project. The project shows how the faces of celebrities are not what you see on magazine covers. Walker asked the celebrities to first pose as they would usually do and then asked them to let it loose and be themselves for the second photo. The following are the results of the project.

There is a twist to the tale. In the following photos, one is the celebrity completely relaxed and chilling out while the other is the one as they usually would be. Walker did not say which is which and it is for you to identify them. So, have a go at it. Some you might find very obvious while the other are tricky.

1. Bryce Dallas Howard


2. Gael Garcia Bernal


3. Glen Powell


4. Rachel Weisz


5. Jeremy Renner


6. Amy Adams


7. Gaby Hoffmann


8. Cynthia Nixon


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