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As we at she simply like to have a theme when we are telling you about amazing items you can find in our store (which is here ) we have decided to continue writing similar articles to this one which you guys loved as we can see – it was our article about Gemini Fashion.

We have entered the season of emotional cancer, first water sign in astrology, the sign of family, mothers and motherly figures, the sign of home, the house, our roots and history, one of the signs that spread feminine energy.

Our cancer born shoppers should be satisfied with our picks from our lovely shop!



First of all, you Cancerian ladies are sure to be lovers of anything feminine and i do not even have to mention it. Dresses with floral print on or floral attachments are definitively something that will grab your attention in any shop. In our shop, this dress will probably make you gasp.


You can have this dress for only 42$

It is all one Cancer would love, long and flowy, vintage looking and it has delicate flowers printed on it.

you can have this for 51$

This flared cami paired with lovely flared shorts are also Cancer appropriate, they look delicate enough.


Retro shoes

If Cancer will love anything it is retro style and especially retro shoes. Mules probably make your heart skip a beat, don’t they?

Have these retro mules for only 49$

These mules are perfect for you ladies they are both quite modern and a blast from the past, you have probably seen your mother wearing them back in the days and now your heart warms up when you get to wear footwear like this. Our mules are sure to be comfortable for your relaxed stroll by the river, we know you cancer ladies love those walks so good shoes are a must.


We know as you are lovers of all things cozy you are definitively fans of knitwear, if not you who else could be?

get this lovely sweater here

This cashmere cardigan is sure to make you comfy and warm, and we are sure the colors we have to offer will suit your sensibilities.

Get this sweater right here

And another sweater from our shop that we are sure all cancer ladies will go crazy about is this beige beauty with flower embroidery. Perfect, right?


It is only natural lace would come up in this Cancerian list, is there anything more feminine that has been used for ages in fashion than it? Yeah, we did not think so.

get this pink lace top here

Not only is this top made of absolutely gorgeous lace, it has flared details and it is pink – She Simply knows how to spoil our Cancerian shoppers.

Accent on Breasts

Cancer is the ruler of breasts the ultimate feature of females, therefore, putting accent and taking good care of breasts is probably something you are looking for, right.


Get this sexy bra and undies for only 47$


This lace bra and undies will perfectly accent your best and most cherished feature, your breasts. Both bra and undies are super comfortable, they don’t just look good, they also feel good, more than good, heavenly.

Get this lace-up sweater here

Putting the accent on breasts don’t have to be with a deep cleavage although we are sure you are fans of it. Wearing clothes with details that pull the attention of the observer to the chest area is your thing. This powder pink sweater from our shop is something we know you cancer ladies would reach out for. The lace-up detail is attention-grabbing in the right direction.


This was our short recommendation of what to buy for our darling Cancer born ladies, you can find many more fashion items worth of this sensitive and creative sign at our shop the She Simply Shops

Important notice is that at our shop this July we have a huge seasonal sale so you can get a lot of clothes at super low prices!! We have amazing clothes that are up to 70% off at the very moment, our items are getting sold out so don’t waste your time. If you have seen anything you like head over to She Simply Shops and get it now for the amazing price.

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