British Style

One other in series of famous European styles is British styles. How could we go through Europe and not mention British style that influenced many through the history directly and indirectly? British designers are known of their love to experiment with various textiles for example, their need to explore and conquer did not end at mere geography and natural resources, but it also included need to understand and adapt even fashion.

British Style

In more recent history British fashion has given us a plethora of styles to choose from. Designers such as Vivien Westwood and Alexander McQueen are known for their eccentric and innovative styles while those such as Stella Mccartney for their relaxed smart ones.

If we had to make this introduction any shorter, i would dare say that British style should be defined as often smart or eccentric.

British people are known lovers of order and class while in contrast they also enjoy chaos.

Colors that you should focus on if you wish to dress in British style are very earthy, natural ones or super bright ones – eye Queen Eliza, am i right or am I right? As said with Brits, it is either-either.

If we had to pick out any pattern to associate with British style which do you think we would pick? Plaid obviously. Naturally, material that oozes British style is Tweed – so if you want to go FULL BRITISH you must include it.

When it comes to outwear Brits are quite fond of coats of any kind. They mastered design of raincoats if I may add.

What footwear do you think any Brit had? Well, famous Wellingtons of course and Oxfords.

British women love makeup, sometimes some would say they love it too much! They love putting an accent on their brows and eyes, smudged eyeshadow is totally their thing. If any early 2000s Brit wants us to forget, we never will, Brits are quite fond of tanning you guys, just so you know, and in the period mentioned they simply did too much when it comes to tanning!

British women keep their hair long, straight or wavy in either bright colors or their natural ones, and they like it with a lot of volumes.

British women sure know how to keep us interested.








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