Bohemian winter

Bohemian style is inspired by free-spirited travelers. Bohemian gypsies had been the inspiration for everyone who wishes to live a life without boundaries. An eclectic mix of patterns, colors, and materials are what this style is known for.


In this article, you get to see how you can style your outfits for winter in Bohemian fashion.



One of the ways you can achieve this style is going for very earthy colors and wool, and chunky textures.

Keep your eyes on browns, earthy greens, orange, burgundy red and so on. Think about nature, natural colors when you are thinking of Bohemian winter.


Patterns are another thing that you should go for. Florals and various geometric prints. And mix them up! A true bohemian is not afraid of pattern mixing.


Fur and leather are another things you should put on top. And when I say ”on top” I mean you should wear it over anything I just mentioned previously. Fur should be natural looking, and leather should be worn especially on your feet.


Bohemian style goes hand in hand with big hats. Go find yourself a nice big hat to protect your head.


While we are talking of protection, Bohemian winter style cannot be complete without huge scarves and shawls.


Don’t forget to accessories. Jewelry should never be hidden, even though its cold and you think you put on yourself everything you can put to look absolutely Bohemian, if you forget your rings and necklaces, you have done nothing.


To sum it up: Layer after layer of natural colors, various patterns, scarves, fur, leather, and jewelry is what this style is all about.


Here are some items from our store that you can use to style yourself in true Bohemian fashion for this winter:

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Bohemian fashion is only for the brave ones.





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