Blanket Scarves

The seasons which requires us to get a good old cover up from head to toe is officially here and some of our favorite accessories that have a serious purpose to warm us up are out, and the fashion world has a new trend when it comes to scarves.


I am talking about Blanket Scarves.


Just as the name suggests, these scarves resemble a blanket. So this trend is perfect for all of us who at least once thought ”I would like to bring my blanket to work”, well now we can.


But, how do we style them?


  1. Wrap yourself in it

You can wear it this way as an outwear as well when colder days strike it can serve as a layer of warm protection over your leather jacket for example. 

2. Make any style look casual with color blocking

wearing a scarf in color combined with an outfit that lacks it will freshen your look out, the often pattern of the blanket scarf will make a formal look more casual.


4. The Posh way

It can look very posh if combined right, like for example with a cocktail dress.

5. Make it look like what it isn’t

Add a belt to it and get yourself a coat like garment. 


6. Casual Chic

You can achieve the casual chic look if you pick the monochromatic ones.


As you can see the item works well with any style you can imagine from urban to chic. The biggest advantage of this scarf is that it is made of similar materials if not the same ones as the blankets we all love, so it is really all about the protection from the cold as well as the aesthetic moment. It comes in all possible designs, colors, and patterns and you are certainly going to find one perfect for your inclinations.


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