Best Women’s Smart Trousers

Having to rush to work every day makes us wish that we could wear something more comfortable than a skirt or a dress. Unfortunately, showing up to work with a pair of nice denim jeans or loose trousers is not something you can do if your workplace is very formal and elegant. On the other hand, what you can do is wear a formal outfit, for instance, a blouse, a jacket and a nice pair of trousers will work perfectly.

Among the best brands selling formal-wear for women, we find New Look, which offers a selection of styles for every size and occasion, including the trousers in the pictures below.

So stop squeezing in an uncomfortable skirt every day and start wearing pants which are perfect both during the commute and in the office!

We start from a classic look here: black, slim trousers . Go for it if you want to be comfortable without daring too much.

Alternatively, if you feel like you can wear something less formal, but still appropriate, then go for the trousers below! A pair of pleated black trousers with a wide leg.

Of course, you can vary in style and colour. If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at these pink slim trousers.

If you prefer wearing trousers with a wider leg, but still keeping a formal and simple style, then this is what you were looking for:

As previously said, black is not the only colour when it comes to smart trousers. Grey is a perfect pick as it will make you look professional allowing you an alternative to black trousers.

(Image credit: New Look)

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