Best of Thom Browne Fall 2018

Paris’s fall 2018 menswear shows are happening in the city of light as we speak and one show really caught my attention. It was the one from the Pennsylvanian born designer Thom Browne.

His Snowbound Sportwear Odessy was something different from what we saw previously in menswear department, besides the obvious quirky hair (read braids embellished with ribbons) designer and his team used on their handsome male models, clothes seemed very practical yet trendy. Male urban, day to day fashion we will all agree catches on trends quite slowly, men seem to be reluctant to experiment, they often stick to classics and sportswear seems to be most comfortable, safe choice for majority of males, I believe with this collection Thom made way for males to be introduced with trends without scaring them off (minus the quirky braids, i doubt that will catch on).

Thom brown combined classic suits with long sporty classic yet stylized puffer jackets. Giving his looks both urban and business look which men in big cities often need.

He used plaid and fur(we hope faux)  in his collection which was supposed to mirror major female fashion trend for the year.

Colors that dominate his line are gray, camel, navy blue and scarlet red. What is interesting to note is that Thom incorporated skirts and skirt pants in his line. Now some will probably say a lot of elements seem feminine but what is fashion if not experimentation, back in the day’s females incorporated ”male” clothes and elements from male clothing because they are more practical, well so a lot elements from female clothes and so-called female clothes in general can be quite practical and useful for males.

To conclude Thom really did bring something else to males who prefer classical, business and sporty winter wear. He played with various textiles and shapes meshing something old with something new yet did not cross the line of conventional in the process despite the borderline incorporation of female fashion elements.


Written by Milica Dje

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