Best of Fall Ready-to- Wear 2018

Fashion week is in full force now and we got to see the best designers have to offer when it comes to Ready-to-Wear clothes.

One can argue that pret-a-porter clothes are of higher relevancy to regular peoples than haut couture because this are the clothes we will have to see in stores and be able to buy for ourselves without having to stress about alterations.

We will start this article with something different, with miss Vivienne Westwood who decided not to have a show but she filmed an interesting video where she presented us her Ready-to-Wear 2018 fall collection.

The story for the video was an obvious homage to socio-political situation in the world, mostly West, and Viv stayed true to her Punk style. We can see the usual mixing of patterns and fabrics and use of lots of colors, although toned down and made to even look depressing, distressed at times. We can see the incorporation of sportswear with formalwear, the influence of menswear of female clothes and models of all shapes and ages. Vivienne obviously incorporated most of the trends in her line without making it look characterless, it is recognizably Vivienne Westwood. The military was the theme.


Diesel Black Gold went rather down the gothic, rock tribe lane with their dark collection infused with tribal prints, leather and wool materials. Their outwear is really what caught my attention and clearly with a reason because they put much attention to it themselves. They also incorporated some of the trends, like sheep wool coats and turtlenecks.


Proenza Schouler imagined a metropolitan woman who is a world traveler, dressing up on the go, combining. They found inspiration in the 60s and 70s, their women are modern hippies who wear tie-dye and big necklaces while they are strolling down the concrete jungles and do mundane things looking like goddesses.


The kenzos line is colorful, graphic and full of trendy items. We get to see long colored leather ensembles, puffer jackets, leopard print and colors, lots and lots of colors. Incorporating spring flower patterns with nice wool dresses it was a hectic mix full of layering.

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