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I don’t know if you have noticed, but we have a pretty cool online store where you can find everything you need to constantly be on top of the best-dressed lists.

If you have somehow missed it, here is a quick link for you to go and see the amazing stuff we have there.

Now as the festive season has started you probably have a pretty long list of names you need to buy gifts for. What a coincidence is it now, that we have the before mentioned shop…migh be of some help, can it not?

Well, it certainly CAN and i will be here to give you some ideas and tips, and you can shop as we speak.

The first tip for new holiday shoppers is obviously to look for sales – it just happens that we are having a huge sale and here are some trendy recommendations for you all from the same!


As i have written before, this season faux fur is a HUGE trend, and i assure you if you gift this baby to someone, you will certainly win the unofficial best gifter award. The vest is actually selling out quickly so, hurry up!


I have not had time yet to write about this big trend, but i guess a preview is ok to be given in occasion such as this – maybe it is even better when people don’t even know the value of the gift they have been given. This skirt is on huge sale and it is of great trend value.


The second tip i can give you is to go with the theme! It will make your shopping so much easier if you go for similar things, not necessarily the same for everyone. It is not easy to go and search for items if you are not even sure what the taste of the person you are buying it for is, such is the case if you need to buy it for your colleagues or similar.






As you can see i have decided to show you some of our tassel designs with which you can surprise your friends and family – you can not go wrong with tassel as it is a fun, not generic design that is sure to please most people. Black color i have decided to present you with is here because it is  a very safe choice. Play safe.

The third and final tip is to ask if you are not sure! Now go and show this item’s to your friends or family and ask them to tell you what they would like you to buy them! You can not go wrong if you ask people what their wishes are. Sometimes it is the best thing you can do for both them and yourself.

Have fun shopping at our store!








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