Beautiful: Nostalgic ‘First And Last Day Of School’ Photos :)

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The irony of our school lives is never more evident when we compare our first day at school to the last day at school. On the first day, we cry because we don’t want to be there. On the last day, we cry because we don’t want leave that place. Oh Sweet Irony!!!

Most of us would want to go back to that first day at school if we were given an opportunity to go back in time. The memories and friends we make in school stays with us in some form or another throughout our lives. There comes a day in our lives when we look back to our school days and talk to them about it with our children and grandchildren. Those are wonderful times.

We spend all our school lives waiting to graduate and when the day finally arrives, we are disappointed that it did, and for the rest of our lives look back to that day nostalgically.

For most of us, we only have memories of our first day and last day at school, but here are some people who were lucky enough to have their first and last day at school captured in photos. Look at these photos and reminiscent your own school days:

1. Daddy’s little girl 🙂 For now and for ever…

2. Oh that cute smile, Still the same 🙂

3. Wouldn’t you want stand beside something so personal and beautiful…

4. Well mommy, I am taller than you now…

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marcy

    February 21, 2017 at 1:59 am

    Beautiful photos and comments. Warms my heart to know little girls have an hero to look up to.

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