Awesome Adult Uses of Baby Powder

If you thought baby powder was just for babies, you are wrong. Baby powder has plenty of adult uses that you wouldn’t have even thought. They have a range of benefits apart from just getting rid of diaper rash. Here are some of the many adult benefits of baby powder.

Face Fix

Don’t want to use expensive finishing powder? Well, use baby powder instead. Just a touch would do great to set makeup.

Better Than Deodorant

Baby powder works better than deodorant when it comes to smelling good and feeling fresh. It whisks away any lingering scent and absorbs sweat.

Lashes and a Fuller Look

Before applying mascara, use baby powder on your eye lashes to plump your lashes and get a fuller look.

Reduce Pain While Waxing

Before waxing, dust some baby powder on your legs. This helps in creating a layer that that protects your skin against burning and relieves you of some pain.

Prevents Chafing

If you constantly jog or run, use baby powder to prevent chafing. Just dust some baby powder on your inner thighs before going running or jogging and see the difference.

Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

If your shoes have a foul smell, use baby powder to get rid of it. Fill your shoes with baby powder and leave it as is overnight. Remove the baby powder the next morning and your shoes smell as good as new.

Dry Shampoo For Your Hair

Mix baking powder and baby powder in equal parts and you have your own DIY dry shampoo.

Untangle Necklaces

Baby powder is a great way to untangle necklaces. Just sprinkle a little baby powder the next time your necklaces tangle and the powder will loosen the knots for you to then easily untangle them.

Cool Sheets

When it gets hot in summer and hard to sleep, just sprinkle some baby powder on the sheets to ensure they are nice and cool. It makes for a refreshing night’s sleep as any sweat is absorbed by the powder.

Clean Grease

If you accidentally end up with grease on your carpet or dress, sprinkle some baby powder on it. It not only absorbs the oil but refreshes the fabric.

Clean Pets

Use baby powder as dry shampoo to clean your pets. You can have your pet smell fresh and nice without taking him to the tub.

Stop Your Wooden Floor From Squeaking

Stop your wooden floor from squeaking by sprinkling some baby powder on it and then sweeping it into the gaps.

Keep Your Books Fresh and New

Baby powder comes in very handy in increasing the life of your books. Sprinkle baby powder on your books to ensure that they are free of moisture and mold. It also leaves your books smelling and looking fresh.

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Photo Credits: San Antonio Express News

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