At Coachella With Celebs 2

We are back at one of the most famous music festivals, I have written an article a few days ago about what certain celebrities wore at famous California based music festival and i have told you that i will be back with more, and i keep my word as you can see.

In the time between our first Coachella article and this one celebrities had a lot of fun and here we are to see more of their outfits, to judge and enjoy their style.

The theme most of.. well almost every celeb we have seen has followed is definitive ”80s” and our favorite bad gal – Rihanna did deliver a LOOK or two…three to be exact.

Rihanna’s first look was a mix of the 60s and 80s wild west disco aesthetic, she had a white denim crop jacket and pants which she paired with silver jewelry.

Rihanna’s second look is actually quite hard to explain luckily she posted a picture so I do not have to try and find the right words to describe it because it would be a hard task even for me. It was a creative look but if you ask me – too much even for chella.


Kendall Jenner was definitively much more down to earth as she decided to go to Revolves party in a simple black crop top and dark gray baggy pants.


Gigi Hadid had fun in a skin color beige crop top and mom jeans! She completed her look for Coachella 2018 with some nice body jewelry and a stack of necklaces. Her sister Bella wore the same look basicaly.

Gigi and Bella dressed in a similar way for Coachella 2018

Models Sara Sampaio, Jasmin Tookes and Lais Ribeiro had a lot of fun together, they had the characteristic Coachella outfits on, short, lacy and floral.

Pretty Little Liar’s Shay Mitchell wore a white crop top with baggy beige pants- she made the combo Chella ready with fun sunglasses and gold chains around her neck.

Fashion bloggers, of course, did not miss the opportunity to express their fashion style either. Tamara Kalinic wore a lot of sweet, feminine sundresses which she combined with fun accessories. She managed to make super pricey clothes look just right for a music festival.

Kenzas matched with her hubby – they wore all white denim combo and later she wore quite a number of interesting outfits we will have to admit, but we love them. I especially appreciate her hairstyles here.

All in all this Coachella was a complete fashion success if you ask me, and obviously, you do as you are reading this, my jokes aside, i am sure you would agree about fashion success of Coachella 2018. Celebrities respected the vibe this music festival has while at the same time they managed to incorporate the trends of 2018 with great taste.

Coachella is always fun to follow if you are a fashion lover, celebrities get to inspire us and sometimes even make us smile with the ideas they have. Music festivals are meant for us to relax and have fun, to give us the opportunity to express ourselves while we are enjoying the music we like, and we get to play around with our fashion, we get to be creative and free, celebrities never miss out on the opportunity to show us how they do it, and we love it.


Written by: Milica Dje


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