Angelina Jolie Comes To the Rescue of Two Brothers on the Street

Allen and Brandon Alexander, two brothers from Los Angeles, were on the streets trying to sell their large teddy bear. It seemed like they were not going to be successful as nobody showed any interest in buying them. This changed when a white car stopped and a lady interested stepped out.

These photos tell you exactly what happened:

Allen and Brandon’s father wanted to teach his sons an important lesson and wanted them to earn their first wage. So he asked them sell a teddy bear that was 2.5 meters tall.

The boys did make an effort but it went in vain as nobody showed any interest. The boys had something to offer but nobody wanted it. This dejected them.

But then something awesome happened. A white car stopped and Angelina Jolie stepped out of the car. Shiloh, her daughter, was with her.

Guess what? Jolie bought the teddy bear from the brothers for $50. Actually she paid $50 to each of them instead of just paying $50 🙂

She even spent some time with the boys and their parents, who were not only delighted but also help Jolie load the teddy bear onto her car.

Kudos to Jolie and hope she inspires us all to do good in our lives too 🙂

H/T: Bright Side

Photo Credits: Bright Side

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