Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

We’ve briefly mentioned the Instagram queen, Amrezy. If you do not know who she is, read up on our previous article about her: Meet Amrezy: The Most Talked About Beauty Infleuncer. Amrezy is casually unbothered, sitting on 5.4 million Instagram followers. Close friends with one of Kim Kardashian’s infamous makeup artists, Mario (@Makeupbymario) and best friends with Norvina, daughter of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Amrezy gives more than one reason to be most loved and raved about. In each one of her Instagram posts Amrezy receives tons of comments complimenting her highlight. Whichever highlight she decides to wear she packs it on which has a blinding effect on us eager followers.

For years her loyal Rezy RIders have been encouraging her to design and sell her very own highlighter – and voila, 2018 is the year! No surprise here that Amrezy and the ABH team has linked up for their second collaboration. This very collaboration will go down in history. As seen on Amrezy’s and Norvina’s snaps from the pervious night, her PR package will include a mirror, a phone case, and the highlighter named Amrezy.

An overwhelming but tolerable amount of gold glitter is on each of the items and if you know Amrezy well, she is all about her glitz and glamour. Here is their short campaign via Amrezy’s Instagram:

Now this highlighter is set to drop on Valentines Day this year and is projected to make a tremendous amount of sales. Two of the best figures in the beauty industry team up and the highlighter lover world practically crashed. Norvina’s and Amrezy’s comments have been on fire since they’ve announced and it’s only been a day. We are unsure if the mirror and phone case that is in the PR packages will be available. We are also still unsure of a price point on the highlighter.

Here is a peak at the highlighter and announcement party via Norvina’s snap and Instagram:

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A post shared by @norvina

Here is the Amrezy Highlighter:

amrezy highlighter

amrezy abh highlighter

Photos from ABH’s official Instagram

A huge congratulations to Amrezy and the entire ABH team – we are sure this project was exhausting, but very worth the hard work. Review of this highlighter when it drops, coming soon!


Written by: Selena Cintron


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