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The British Royal Wedding happened just a few days ago and we once again had a chance to see British Royal family celebrate one of their princes get married to a simple girl from the neighborhood, the type of women these royals like to get associated with since the very title was given to the late and adored by the people Lady Diana.

Lady Diana or better known as Princess D had 2 sons, one an heir and other a spare as Brits love calling the brothers. We witnessed the heir to the Crown Prince William get married to beautiful Kate Middleton a few years ago, a marriage that got crowned with three children by now and maybe there will be more, we will not complain as their children are a precious sight. Prince Williams younger brother, the restless, rebellious Prince Harry got married 2 days ago to Meghan Markle, American Actress, divorcee and of biracial origin and questionable family background as the father of the bride and that side of the family is fond of scandals (they say he wasn’t there because of illness but we aren’t that simple) ,  the world was watching just like the British Royal Family wanted. Finally, they have a chance to present themselves as inclusive old chaps and we love it, there is no better person for them to use than lovely outspoken Meghan with a strong personality and colorful background.

Meghan and her very proud mother

All eyes were on a bride who wore a Givenchy wedding dress, yes a French brand for an American bride – why I am mentioning it? There is a ”rule” for royals to sponsor British designers and brands, we are not sure what the message the Royal house was sending with this but the dress was something to be amazed by. It was simple, some would say plain but effective, just like the image Royals like to portray these days.

The now dutchess of Sussex wore a long white veil with the off shoulder, boatneck Givenchy dress and she was loaned the tiara by the queen herself, Order of Splendor tiara that is, and Meghan wore lovely  Cartier diamond earrings if the tiara was not enough of bling.

Bling, bling and that American smile

The whole look Meghan wore was subtle almost plain but made her look perfect. She wore low bun hairstyle and had subtle makeup, it was subtle but were we surprised when we heard her makeup and hair was around $13.000! Wait, what, right? To look so plain and natural yet beautiful you really have to cash it out, ain’t that right Meghan?

it takes just $13.000 to look this good

After the wedding ceremony, Dutchess of Sussex switched up her royal wedding gown with another white (wedding?) gown, but this time opposite to the boatneck Givenchy wedding gown she wore neck hugging silk crepe by Stella McCartney dress – oh we get it, French before the wedding and British after it.

Hairstyle stayed the same, well similar or more relaxed version of the wedding hairstyle, classic low bun, while she returned the borrowed tiara to her great mother in law The Queen of Britain herself.

Meghan wore Aquazura heels, a luxury Italian brand, they were made of satin and creme in color.

Like at every wedding the guests give their best to look their best and the British Royal Wedding attendants did just the same. We got to see Oprah, Victoria and David Beckham, Idris Elba, George and Amal Clooney among the rest, but a guest that really stole the show when it comes to beauty and fashion amongst guests was Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Dianas niece, Kitty Spencer who looked like a porcelain doll among the try-hard celebrities.

Lady Kitty Spencer in Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda – she came she conquered

Someone who also stole the show in a precious were Prince George and Princess Charlotte, heir and spare of the new generation, children of Willy and Kate.

William was proud older brother while Kate was graceful as ever, Kates family also attended the ceremony and her famous sister looked mesmerizing of course, we all remember how Pippa stole the show 7 years ago. The bride of Harrys was often compared to Kates beautiful sister which we all found interesting back in the days.


Prince William, Dutchess Kate Midleton, and their two adorable children


Pippa arriving at Harrys wedding

The queen was speculated if she will attend due to her being the… well the first head in Anglican church and Meghan being a divorcee, but as the chapter was turned when Harry decided to propose her, Queen also accepted to turn a new chapter when it comes to her church. The queen attended and so did Prince Charles and his wife who later at the evening heldel the reception.

The queen wore green, seen here with her Husband

All we are left to say is Congradulations to newlyweds.

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