A Young Boy Prays For a Homeless Man – Lets Make It Viral

A police officer for the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Eric Gaines shared a photo on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. The photo has since gone viral and has been shared over 30,000 times. The photo is of a young boy praying over a sleeping homeless man.

Boy praying over homeless man

Officer Gaines, who was patrolling the area at the time, said that many people patted the homeless man down in the hopes of finding something. He thought that this boy would also do the same. To his utter surprise, the boy went on his knee and started praying. He said that it was a powerful moment that moved everybody who witnessed it.

In a world where selfless acts are rare and people fight with each over petty differences, it is moments like this that restores our faith in humanity. The boy did not have to do anything. In fact, Officer Gaines said that the boy almost missed his bus while praying. It is people like this boy that we want to lead us in the future. We need more compassionate people like this.

There is a powerful message in this video for all of us. We might not be able to help everybody we come across, but we can definitely spare a few moments to pray for them. We are glad that this picture has gone viral and we request you to share this photo with your friends and family. The world needs more of this.

H/T: ABC News, Fox News

Photo Credits: ABC News

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