A Bride’s Quick Guide to Ditching Tradition

Ditching wedding traditions might just give you and your future husband the wedding of your dreams. Enjoy A Bride’s Quick Guide to Ditching Tradition!

Creamy rose petals. Endless toasts and men in tuxes. Vanilla cakes and white dresses. These days, brides are abandoning these traditions and instead are making their wedding day as unique as possible. With an emphasis on being original and creative, more couples are straying from the classics of wedding celebrations. Ditching wedding traditions might just give you and your future husband the wedding of your dreams.

1. Go digital.

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There’s an ongoing trend of wedding websites many couples are taking advantage of nowadays. Brides are now resorting to sending out digital save-the-dates and even replacing formal invitations with creative online e-vites. This can save you hundreds on your budget. That just means more for the dress.


2. Here comes the bride…all dressed in…pink? It’s true.


Brides are now opting to go for color, subtle or bold, for the most important dress they’ll probably ever wear. Not only that, some even goes for short wedding gowns to make a statement. This has tremendous implications for female guests. If the bride will not be wearing white, does that mean you can pull it off instead?


3. Go solo at the altar.

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This does not mean standing without your fiancé. It means that more brides (and grooms) are doing without bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether. Most bridal parties don’t even know what the purpose of being in the bridal party is.


4. Skip through to the party. Skip the first dance.


Skip the family dance. And most especially, you can skip the garter toss. People already know there’s no mystery there. And even so, your guests are unknowingly cringing while they have to sit there and watch your husband dig in.


5. Save for the perfect honeymoon.



Most couples dream of having the perfect honeymoon. Couples are now willing to put their honeymoon on hold to plan for a better getaway maybe a few months later. So much planning goes into a wedding that sometimes the honeymoon gets pushed to the side until last minute. It’s okay to wait a bit. You deserve to have the best honeymoon you can.

Don’t let outdated customs limit your creativity

Your wedding should be the ultimate expression of your love for your partner. Don’t let outdated customs limit your creativity. Taking the offbeat path to having a wedding may be challenging, but it’ll be worth it once you see it all come together on the big day.

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