9 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Marrying To Ensure A Happy Life…

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7. Have a Financial Roadmap

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Sharing and managing your finances together can be very tricky. Talk to your partner. Discuss your finances. Communicate and be clear on where you draw the line. Most importantly, have a financial roadmap.

8. Be Prepared To Accommodate Your Partner in Your Life: Time & Space

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Remember that getting married is more than having a boyfriend. You need to make more space in your life for your partner. You will have to, at times, make your partner’s work or life a priority over yours and the same applies to your partner. So, know what you are getting into and be prepared.

9. Shared Future – Communicate and Be Prepared


Your shared future is going to be different from your present or the future you had imagined for yourself. So, know what an ideal world for both of you would look like. Would you both be working? Would you like to have children? Where you want to settle in? These are questions that both of you need to answer before you walk down the aisle. Know how you want to grow old together.

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