9 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Marrying To Ensure A Happy Life…

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4. Differentiate Being Alone and Being Lonely


Most people confuse being alone and being lonely, and in a haste rush into marriages that are not meant to be. Being happy while being alone is one of the greatest arts one can learn. On the other hand, being lonely is a problem. So knowing what is what is very important. Learn how to be happy when you are alone. Take yourself out for a dinner. Plan a night once in every fortnight to be by yourself. Once you don’t need external validation, you become an entirely different person, a better person. This also prepares you to not have unfair expectations from your partner.

5. Know How to Fight and How to Make Up


Every relationship has its ups and downs. No person is completely compatible with another person. There are going to small habits of your partner that irritate you and vice versa. There are going to be major differences too and bigger fights. Know when to fight, when to compromise, when to make up and when to stand your ground. Also, know how to do the above things too…

6. Learn About What Turns You On


Know what turns you on. You need to have the level of comfort with your partner that you can communicate your sexual preferences to him. Be straightforward and know that men don’t always know what you want.

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