7 Fashion Tips For Tall Girls

Enjoy these 7 Fashion Problems Tall Girls Know To Be True, And How To Fix Them!

Tall girls are a rare breed in and of themselves. There are certain problems tall girls often encounter when trying out certain fashions. It is tough to be a tall girl in a world where most clothing are modeled for medium size girls. At the tall girl meet fashion intersection there are issues and here is a synopsis of these problems.

It would be nice to wear normal sized clothing, however tall girls often have to double up on sizes for shirt apparel or else their stomach is exposed. There is a remedy for this problem, along with all tall girl meet fashion issues;

#1. Tall girls can choose to wear jeans that fit higher up as well as skirts. Most skirts and jeans fit a little bit lower than their waist, so raising the spot where they fit will close the space that exposes the stomach.

#2. Tall girls often complain that their tops and blouses refuse to remain tucked in, unless they become a statue and cease to move; because you know, tall girls move too. There is a cure similar to the previous solution; wear pants and skirts that are higher up on the waist.

#3. Sometimes finding the perfect sized jacket is a thorough challenge. Just when a tall girl finds a jacket that fits her shoulders, it turns out it doesn’t fit in the arms or the other way around. Giant girls have a few choices on what to do in this scenario. First off, you won’t be considered a tranny for doing this, but buying a man jacket tailored to your abdomen would work. Since the sleeves on a men’s jackets are longer, this works and whether you tailor it to your waist or not, this menswear for womenswear doesn’t seem to go out of style. Or you could always just wear the women’s jacket with its crop sleeves.

#4. Short skirts end up being way more revealing than tall girls would like. Fortunately, the quick fix is to just buy and wear midi skirts. Therefore you tall girls won’t look too, liberal.

#5. Dresses can end up looking like an infant doll dress since the waistline practically hugs your boobs if it were an inch higher. Luckily, you can avoid wearing seamed waistlines or possibly wear a T-shirt dress for a more relaxed silhouette of your torso.

#6. Shirts never stop popping out of the waist for tall girls. The same solution to other tall girl problems applies yet again: wear higher-waist skirts or pants.

#7. Now if only your ankles would stop showing while you wear regular sized pants. If your brand doesn’t have ultra-long pants, your best bet would be to avoid pants that flare out towards the bottom. At least, you won’t look like you’re about to go gator hunting in the Louisiana swamps.

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