6 Patterns You Should Know About

”You know, that pattern…with flowers and … you know that those skirts are made of…” how many times you were in a situation like this in wich you lacked just one word to describe what you are looking for in a store or what you simply wanted to describe? Often that one word is the name of a pattern you wanted someone to know about.

To make your life easier here are 6 Patterns you should know about and their names.

  1. Stripes

Horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow, stripes are obviously the most famous and best-known pattern around the world. Often used in summer and spring because of its association with the sea which has its history with horizontal stripes being a pattern of sailors.

2. Gingham

This pattern is vintage and you probably associate it with rural areas, it is made of horizontal and vertical stripes cutting each other. Often produced in red or baby blue color.

3. Paisley

Paisley is an ornamental pattern which originated in Persia nowadays most popular when worn on bandanas and any bohemian fashion items such as long and wide skirts and Pants.

4. Plaid

Plaid is a 3 or more colored tartan, checkered pattern, it is similar to before mentioned Gingham but the difference is in shape and color because gingham is made of only two colors while plaid is more colorful and the squares are significantly bigger. This pattern is part of famous national costume of Scotland

5. Floral

Another famous pattern you should know about if you don’t (which we doubt) is floral – the name says it all, it is a pattern that is made of flowers and leaves and any botanical feature. It coma es in variety of colors and shapes and is one of the most worn patterns around the world.

6. Animal Print

Just like with floral the name says it all, this pattern has a print of wild exotical animals fur markings such as Leopard, Zebra, Girrafe or Cheetah. Animal print is often controversial and tough to style the right way but stays favorite of many despite of its notoriety.

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