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25 Awesome Teachers Who Will Blow Your Mind :)

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We all have teachers that we have loved and would like to go back to their classes if we got a chance. If you have had great teachers, then you will have some fond memories. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most awesome teachers to remind you of your own.

We loved the 16th one… Its absolute genius 🙂

1. This is what teachers must do when your student falls asleep during class… This teacher not only saw the humor in it, but also pumped up the whole class’s mood.

2. This teacher skates everyday to school… Now, who is Punk??? 🙂

3. Yearbook pictures: These teachers come up with something new every year… Well, I want to go to this school.

4. Physics taught absolutely right… Now, you know what the properties of liquid 🙂

5. This teacher knows how to make homework interesting… Full marks to the teacher on the 6th one. Now, we are curious to find out 🙂

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