50 stars design denim jackets for LEVIS 50th birthday

Yesterday in LA there was a big party hosted by LEVIS to celebrate their big 5 O birthday of their trucker jack.


It was a nicely hosted party with some of their celebrity designers even performing.

Solange Knowles performing

Levis decided to partner up with models, singers, rappers, DJs, fashion bloggers for their 50th birthday. Yes LEVIS is that old.


One of the most famous denim jackets and from one the pioneers in the mass production of denim has turned 50 and Levis decided to celebrate it by giving celebrities a chance to be jacket designers at least for a day, and designing for LEVIS is the big thing. Sadly those jackets won’t be sold anywhere (most of them) as they are one of a kind statement pieces.

Karlie and Romee were LEVIS celebrity attendants and designers

So yes, they decided to give 50 celebrities a chance to design their famous trucker jacket (which is obviously made of denim for anyone that is clueless). Some of their celebrity designers showcased the process of designing the jacket on their Instagrams (looking at you Caro Daur ) and also front row to Snoop Dogg performing some jam while sharing a blunt or two.

Yes, Snoop Dogg was one of their star designers AMONG 50 OF THEM. That’s right, 50 celebrities have designed jackets for Levis 50th birthday and some of the names are A-listers such as Snoop Dog I mentioned a moment ago, famous Supermodel Karlie Kloss, model Romee Strijd, DJ Diplo , before mentioned Fashion Blogger Caroline Daur, rapper Chance The Rapper , Justin Timberlake, Solange who is Beyonce’s baby sister and so on and so on.


Chance The Rapper, Solange and Snoop Dog pose happily on the celebration day


Justin Timberlake took his jacket on twitter to brag how it became his favorite ”Drinking buddy”. Caroline Daur explained that every patch she put on hers has a special meaning on her Instagram account. Diplo also bragged with his design on Instagram and the fact he got a chance to collaborate with a famous company.


All in all this fall LEVIS enriched their collection with some great designs and created another fashion history.

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