5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Memorable

Below are 5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Memorable!

It’s no secret that the holidays, while being magical and memorable, can also be the most stressful time of year. From the whole family being gathered in one space to shopping for gifts, most women find preparing for the holidays tiresome and tedious. But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

The Holiday Survival Guide is to the rescue!

First Things First – Prepare Ahead:

Preparation and planning ahead_1

This means going out to buy gifts before the hordes of last-minute shoppers are rushing and bustling about. Come up with that Christmas dinner idea weeks in advance, instead of the night before. You don’t have to have things planned to a T, but having certain things squared away can be a load off the back (and mind)!

Do NOT Go All Out:


This will only add more pressure to your life and will make things significantly less enjoyable. Have a simplistic holiday. This means maybe taking it a bit easy on the decorations and not expending a ton of money for gifts. You might need to consider even skipping out on the humongous feast. There is no need for you to spend all your time covering your yard in lights or preparing an eight course meal. Cut back a bit, and you’ll find yourself having more time to do the fun stuff!

Be A Gift Ninja:


Another thing you can do to enjoy the holidays is to give the best gifts! Be sneaky. Find out what your loved ones want with your masterful covert skills! Casually bring it up in a conversation weeks prior to the big day, eavesdrop in on conversations (careful with this!), and even go with your giftee to the store and keep an eye out for what they seem to be attracted to. If you can’t figure the perfect thing out, gift cards and cash are most always welcome by any receiver!

Learn to Say “No.”


One of the most important things of having a wonderful and stress free holiday is to learn to say “no.” You do not have to go to every single party that you are invited to, and you do not have to slave away to keep your guests happy during your family dinner. Remember that this is a time to be kind and thankful, so don’t be rude about it, but you are allowed to enjoy the time as well instead of trying to please everyone.
And last but certainly not least, enjoy the time with your family. Be grateful for what you have, and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the holidays!

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