5 Vacation Fashion Essentials

The summer is the time when we finally get the chance to have some rest, most of us decide to take a trip outside of our daily location, most of the time people decide to spend their summer vacations at the beach.

Whenever we are taking a trip we should have in mind that when it comes to clothes, we really can not take everything with us, therefore being practical is essential!

In this article we will go through 5 items, fashion items obviously, that are essential for perfect, stressless summer vacation. Forget about luggage that is too heavy, or having to carry more than one luggage per person, you really need only 5 things to have a good vacation this summer.


  1. Sundresses

You will have it easy this season when it comes to this summer essential, sundresses are easy to find because they are summer 2018 huge trend, they are pretty, versatile and absolutely comfortable. You can not go wrong if you decide to spend your whole vacation in a sundress. You even only need a couple of dresses to bring, accessories them differently for the occasion and that’s it really.

Sundresses are very popular right now so you will have an easy time finding the one that fits you


2. Sunglasses

One of the accessories that you will really need for your own health, besides beauty obviously. Sunglasses are a must on vacations as you will most probably spend a good period of time outside. They are chic and define your style but they are also the protectors of your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Sunglasses, the bigger ones are also quite handy when you decide to not put a makeup on. Just saying.


3. Caps-Hats

Whether you decide to wear a cap or pick a hat such as a fedora, headwear is very important to be brought to trip for health beneficial reasons, and of course they will make you look cooler, obviously, bringing headwear is a vacation essential and if you think about it a tradition, in reality, tourists are stereotypically envisioned with fancy little hats, do you really wish to break stereotypes?


4. Big beach tote

Bringing a fancy bag is of less importance when you are going on vacation, deciding on a good beach tote or now the popular net-grocery bag is more important. You will need a bag of a decent size that can fit all the things you wish to bring to the beach, don’t forget sunscreen, water bottles and something to eat.


5. Comfortable Shoes – espadrilles

Once again comfort is very important so deciding to bring shoes that you are comfortable walking in and spending a long period of time is a lifesaver. Obviously, you wish to look good and that those shoes can be combined with multiple fashion combinations. Espadrilles are a vacation must have because they are comfortable and easy to match.


There you have it, She Simply brought you 5 vacation essentials, listen to us and you will have a great time on your summer trip. Have fun, protect your skin from harmful sun rays and look amazing wherever you are.


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