5 TRENDY Items From Our Sale You Have to Have

At our shop we are having a pretty nice winter sale! All the items i might have spoken about during the season behind us and recommended as trendiest things you can buy are actually on SALE as we speak!

If you are a regular shopper ( i am trying not to say, shopaholic) then you know that sales are the best thing out there. Yes, some would say some trends last for a season and that it is a do or don’t when it comes to buying them, but some of them are longer lasting and waiting for some trendy items to go on sale is quite a smart move dare i say.

When stores are having seasonal sales you can expect them to lower the prices up to 70%! We all had that one expensive item we circled around for months contemplating to buy it, but because of its price we were not as quick to reach out for our credit card, and then we see it on sale and we loooose our breath for a moment. Our shop is currently at that stage where some of you might stop breathing because we have some pretty cool items on big sale as we speak!


Let me introduce you to our 10 trendy Items that are on sale right now that you should buy because it is the right move.



I think i have made it loud and clear that Faux Fur is this winters absolute trend, but fear not, fur is timeless and it will certainly persist the print of time, buying fur cannot be a mistake (unless you live in a really hot place and never travel to colder ones). If you buy this lovely Faux Fur Vest you are surely going to wear it during the spring and Fall/Winter 2018 and who knows how many more seasons ahead of us! This Faux Fur Vest is on 50% SALE , literaly it is HALF THE PRICE. Grab it.



Buying a Pastel Lace Up Sweater surely cannot be a mistake, just like our faux fur items, knitwear is timeless and always trendy. This Sweater is half its price on SALE you guys. The quality and beauty of it are obvious.


Sales are a great time to buy new footwear for next year, you probably already know that. Shoes are a must-have item and better quality shoes cost more, just like anything, you also know that. To equip yourself with high-quality footwear without having to spend too much money, SALES are the period you should wait.

These lovely studded ankle boots are more than half their original price on SALE as we speak!! Their original price was 385.32$ and you can have them for only 182.52$ now! Basically, our shop dropped their price for more than 50% just because we appreciate good and patient shoppers like you guys.



This trendy Suede Mini Skirt was a huge trend in past seasons, what i love about it is that it will be worn in seasons ahead of us as well! Buying this skirt, which is on 47% SALE is a great move for anyone that knows and follows trends.

On our current SALE we are not only having seasonal items! Yes, you read it well, you can find all year items such as this lovely leather bag on SALE as well! We also have other accessories on Sale, such as earrings, belts, bracelets, necklaces and more highs quality bags of all shapes! This exact bag is on 50% sale! Who does that? She Simply does it!


There you have it guys, i have picked 5 items from our big seasonal SALE that have super price and are high quality. You will not regret buying anything from our store.



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