5 Properties Of Bananas You Didn’t Know About

Bananas are notoriously some of the healthiest fruits, but how well do you know its properties?

The list of recipes to prepare tasty meals using bananas is very long and, just to quote a few uses you can make of this fruit, you can serve it with ice cream, make milkshakes or simply east it for breakfast with your granola or cereals.

If you wan to know re about it, shere is a list of the 5 best properties of bananas which you probably weren’t aware of.

Fighting Cramps

According to the Daily Mail, by consuming products that are right in magnesium and potassium, such as bananas, you can prevent muscle cramps, by compensating the mineral deficiency that causes them. Many athletes, in fact, eat bananas regularly on their diet plans.

Stronger Heart

A research done by NCBI shows that a “potassium-rich diet” is recommended to individuals with high blood pressure, who are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Eating 2 or 3 bananas a day, depending on your weight, you will consume roughly 1.3 grams of this element, decreasing the risk of cardiac events by 26%.

Prevent Kidney Diseases

The same research about bananas conducted by NCBI has also found that food containing good amounts of potassium helps prevent kidney stones from appearing. Regular consumption of bananas should help reduce the chance of malignancies in the kidneys by 40%.

Prevent Oncological Diseases

According to a study published on Jstage, bananas contain a specific protein, called tumor necrosis factor, which helps prevent oncological conditions. This protein is especially found in ripe fruits and this is why it is recommended to eat bananas with darkened or spotted skin.

Good Mood and Energies

Still according to NCBI, the abundance of vitamins, proteins and minerals found in bananas make them a great source of energy, whose simple carbs are quick to digest, allowing you to replenish your energy resource almost immediately. They also contain dopamine, also known as the “happiness hormone” as well as partial vitamin B complex, positively affecting the nervous system.

So bananas aren’t only tasty and healthy, they can also help you feel better whenever you’re feeling in a bad mood!

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

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