5 Fashion Items You Have To Own This Fall

The trickiest thing when seasons change for every fashionista is what to purchase that will not be a waste of money and time, items that you will surely wear and with which you will make an impact wherever you go and whatever you do. It is not an easy thing, you have to follow the trends and know yourself if you can pull it off or not.

She Simply will help you out by presenting you with 5 fashion items you have to own this fall that will fit all your needs in the refreshing transitional period we are in.


  1. Anything Leopard

Animal print has steadily made its move to become the #1 trend of the year if not the season. It has been incorporated in fashionistas closets from mid-summer and is definitively going to dominate both their and our closets this autumn, and if She Simply knows fashion it will not be forgotten in Winter either.

walk in the new season like one the most graceful felines


2. Boyfriends Shirt

No, not the T-shirt although you can have fun with those also. But, this autumn borrow your boyfriends fancier shirts and casual wear them like they belong to you. Matching them with jeans, skirts or pant, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have it.

In this type of shirt, you will be comfortable and always look cool no matter what – this is what we like to call effortless chic


3. Midi skirt

No matter the material, shape or color, picking midi skirt this autumn will make an instant fashionista. Just because colder days have come you don’t have to kick out fashion diversity out of your closet.

feminine, elegant and chic, what more can a girl ask from a skirt?

4. Slouchy Boots

Take your leg hugging booties to the attic, this season trendiest boot style is slouchy! Knee high or shorter than that (or higher) it doesn’t matter as long booties you are wearing are slouchy. This type of boot will give your look instant freshness because this style has not been worn in a long, long time. You know what they say about fashion, it always returns.

Aesthetically they are amazing sure, but another amazing thing about slouchy boots is that they can make your leg look skinnier!


5. Vinyl

And the best for last, Vinyl or how some of you lovelies like to call it ”shiny leather” is a material that will dominate leathery goods this both fall and winter. Buying anything from jackets, coats or pants in this bright material will be a good investment, you will surely wear it a lot. We recommend you pick it in black color, but you can do no wrong if you decide to get it in blood red or nice brown ones.

No transitional period can go without leather goodies, but we needed a change, and this material offered us both old and new



So there you have it, 5 items you have to have this fall that surely will make you stand out in the crowd with your impeccable style.


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