5 costumes you have in your closet

If you were reading yesterdays article on finding inspiration in celebrity costumes, but you taught to yourself how your budget is much, much more modest than theirs… well I have a quick and easy solution for you!


Some characters are not that hard to pull off, you don’t really need a special mask for them, they are recognizable as they are Pop Culture Classics. You have an option to dress up in celebrities or into characters from popular movies and stories, while you are still not spending too much time or money on mask or costume because you probably have clothes that are needed in your own wardrobe!


metallic everything

As you can see, all you really need to become this very iconic character is some basics which you probably have and if you don’t, you can easily find in any shop. An ax, metallic face paint and a cylinder on your head will make it loud and clear which character you are for the night.


2 Pac


You can easily transform yourself into one of the most iconic celebrities of the last century by going for some basics such as a long white t-shirt, baggy pants and a black vest… oh and of course a gold charm necklace and bandana which will make it loud and clear who you are supposed to be.


Burglar from Cat In Paris


Becoming a cartoon character never was so easy. As you can see to become this character you really only need some really basic stuff. Oh, and a pixie cut wig would do its magic if you are not short haired.


Fortune Teller

Becoming a fortune teller is not an easy thing to do, but dressing as one is a piece of cake. You just need to be bold with pattern and fabric mixing.


Indiana Jones to the rescue

All the basics you already have or you can easily buy anywhere really, combined can make you look as one of the most iconic cinematographic action heroes, mister Indiana Jones himself.






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