5 bag trends for fall 2017


Anyone who really is into fashion knows that no true style is complete without a good bag.

Bags are accessories that can either make or break the look you are going for. Also, they are quite practical, obviously, they are made with purpose after all.


I have put some time to go through some runways and to find for you guys the best bag trends for 2017 and prettiest examples out there!


In this article, you will see which bag trends will rock fall 2017 season. So let’s begin.


  1. Clutch

You might have thought that clutch is out of style because emphasis a few years back was put on backpacks and so-called ”market” bags, but this fall it is making a huge return. Go dig up your fave one now and wear it proudly this fall.


  1. Fur bags

Just like any other part of clothing and accessorise this fall, bags are also trendy when covered in nice, soft, colorful fur. It doesn’t really matter if the whole bag is furry, just a strap is the one covered in it or a small detail. As long as your bag has fur, you are a trendy person for the season.



  1. Structured bags

Architectural shapes have found the way to infiltrate in fashion once more, this time the bags are those who have embraced the clean lines and defined shapes.

Gabriela Hearst


  1. Vintage

The designs inspired by the long past times have been on many runways and so will be on the streets this fall. Maybe you don’t even have to go and buy a bag, just go to your grandmas closet and see what treasure is hidden there.


  1. Graphic

At this point, there is no way you have missed this trend being promoted. All the major houses have had designed bags and all the major fakers have faked them. It doesn’t matter whether your bag has simple polka dots or stripes, or if it has complex drawings of people, roses, and baroque motifs, all that is matters is that it is graphic so you can safely be proclaimed successful trendsetter.

Dolce & Gabbana

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