4 items you should forget about in 2018

We all know that some trends come in on fashion scene like a storm and they make a huge noise, and we see almost everyone wearing them, right? Well some of those items that make a mark in certain seasons, should most definitively be left behind in the one that follows.

Not every trend has longevity, with a good reason, some of them happen so we would remind ourselves what really is good and aesthetically pleasing. We do need this bad trends to happen to keep ourselves in the tasteful lane, do we not?

Trends come and go like Chicago winds. Fast. In this article, i will mention 4 of them that were huge in 2017 and beginning of 2018 that should not be worn anytime soon.


  1. Pom Pom Hat

With a name as silly as they have could we really expect anyone who is serious about fashion and style to predict them as something that has serious longevity in this department? They should most definitively be thrown away after the first spring sun emerges and never be returned to our wardrobe again! It is ok to wear this silly hats on your ski trip, but i have had enough of it on the streets, combined with even formalwear outwear.

2. Colorful Parkas

2 full years of the reign of this trend was enough if you ask me. In 2015 Parkas were re-introduced to us and we all really loved it. By the end of 2017 things got a little bit crazy. Colorful Crazy! We got to see camo parkas with bright flamingo pink fur and that is when it crossed the line of good taste. I mean, they were quite expensive, so don’t just throw them away, but don’t wear them as often, please! I swear I have seen a group of high school girls in the same jacket. I get it, we are social creatures and we have it in our genes to try and dress the same as our kin, but this is too much.


3. Wedge Sneakers

I get it, high heel and wedges are confidence boosters for so many women for so many reasons, but what is enough is enough! Wedged sneakers simply are of no real use, if you wish to look taller just buy quality heels or boots.

They can look good when they are not worn, but i swear every time i have seen them on someone it just did not look right, and i have seen them on so many women, beautiful women at that! They always would end up cheapening their looks. So for this very reasons my lovelies, forget about them.


4. Ripped Jeans + Fishnet

In Alternative universe this is still fashionable, in the universe we are in it was one season thing and you should let it go! When you feel the need to pretend you are this fancy punk, alternative kind of girl go for it but wearing it even though it is not really your style it is just silly. And… it doesn’t look right. You cant really go to most occasions in ripped jeans and your fishnets sticking out through them.  The moment i have seen very straight men starting to wear it, i went and bought myself a margarita to calm myself down.


There you had it my lovelies, 4 items (3 and a pair actually) that we should all leave behind. Lets make new, fresh an prettier trends in 2018!

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