4 blazer styles for this fall/winter season

This season blazers are making a louder return on the fashion scene. When it comes to them, our favorite stylish outwear it is all about loose shapes and interesting colors and patterns.


See 4 trendiest blazer styles r for season fall/winter 2017/18 here, be inspired.


  1. Animal Print

Inspired by 70s and 80s looks, you can style your favorite blazers to look like you just came out of a very trendy time machine. Going for animal print will make the style more fun and vibrant, certainly in line with the theme.

  1. Tweed

Just like the Autumn sky, the gray color of our fave tweed blazers will give you a note of business casualness ( what a combination of words, I know). What I love about the trend of tweed blazers is that they can be combined really well, and no matter with what you combine them they will always look serious enough, yes even if you go more urban. So if you need to look business and casual, this is your season as many designers have their lines with Tweed blazers out.


  1. Red and Pink

It is fall/winter but we don’t have to go colorless all the time, even though monochrome basic colors are absolutely a huge yes for the season, to break the routine from time to time you can freely reach out for the fun and vibrant colors. This season bright Red and vibrant Pink are the go-to colors.


  1. Loose

When it comes to the shape of blazers, this season the looser, the better. Almost as if you took it from your boyfriends closet. Leaving behind tight tailored blazers that were very popular in season 2008/10. Loose blazers are easy to style no matter what look are you going for. From Urban to Classy, you can pull it off with this shape.

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