3 unexpected summer trends

At the beginning of every season here at She Simply we do a little run down of what will be trendy in the period ahead of us. We keep track of every trend and present it here to you so you can know among the first about them and use your knowledge to be the trendiest lady in your surrounding , but from time to time it happens even to us that some trends surprise us, fashion industry can be unpredictable and that is the reason we love it.

In this article, we will show you 3 unexpected trends, things that caught on in fashion industry quickly and, well, unexpectedly, for summer 2018.


  1. Net Bags

Yes, you have read it well – good old net bags! Yes, the ones you would bring to the farmers market while grocery shopping, it is absolutely appropriate to bring it to the stroll through the city while you are wearing your fanciest dress. It is really not that hard to understand the appeal this simple and convenient bag fashionistas had with. It is simple and it is different, perfect for summer 2018, perfect for ever-evolving and maturing street style.


2. Modern Art Jewelry

We did not really expect for summer 2018 jewelry trend to be as fun as it is – the trend in this department of fashion is pretty exciting especially for art junkies like yours truly. Modern Art Jewelry is has steadily implemented itself in every relevant fashionistas accessory boxes, with its imaginative and often raw designs and materials. Implementation of the fine lines that create literally sculptures of fine metals we wear as ornaments on our ears, necks, and fingers. Because modern art is so diverse there is accessories that will fit everyone’s taste.


3. Khaki Pants

There is nothing surprising in plain old khaki pants, what is unexpected is their popularity all of a sudden and quite a creative way our favorite fashion lovers wearing them for the season we are in.



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