3 ultimate French It-girls whose style you should copy


With a huge following on both Instagram and other social media, this women sure have a lot of eyes on them and know that they have to keep their game high. What is interesting about each and every one of their styles is that it looks so down to earth and affordable, yet so chic and rich. That combination of words only seems normal as we are speaking of French style after all.


  1. Jeanne Damas

She is known as French ultimate it girl.  GQ,  V magazine, Manrepeller are among many mags that have featured this stylish girl and used synonyms such as ”coolest French girl”, ”most stylish” and ”epitome of IT girl” to describe her. Jeanne is one very creative person, she is a designer, photographer and of course a model, I mean look at that face, how could she not be one. I don’t even have to mention that her Instagram page is awesome, do I? It is worth mentioning that her sister Louise Damas has the same stylish French gene.


  1. Caroline De Maigret

If you ever thought that you need a book to help you out in your efforts to look Parisian, Caroline heard you out and wrote one. This stylish French girl has written a book ” How to be Parisian wherever you are ”, how French of her to write a book on style. It is worth mentioning that Caroline is in her 40s now and continues looking like a 20-year-old, so ladies there might be something crucial in that book.



  1. Anne-Laure Mais

Anne-Laure Mais or better known as Adenorah is an up and coming French fashionista who mixes French retro chic with Scandinavian minimalism and creates an absolute 21st generation French look.


So there you have it, 3 ultimate French It-girls at one place. Be inspired is all I can say.

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