3 Things We Love About Korean Fashion

When it comes to the fashion scene in the world, Asia as a continent offers a wide range of styles. South Korean fashion bloggers have proven themselves to the world as ones of the best in the industry; Their aesthetic is unique, often minimal and when it comes to colors our Korean ladies prefer earth tones.

In this article, we will mention 3 things we at She Simply love about Korean fashion – mind you, you should implement if not everything then at least one thing from the list to your style, because it is worth it.


  1. Natural aesthetic

Korean fashion aesthetic happens to be very natural and neutral. Materials they use are organic and colors they decide to wear look like, I will be poetic now, blessings of mother earth. Wool, cashmere, and silk, think about those materials as a must.

Korean ladies are fond of earth tones

2. Short Skirts

No matter the time of year Korean ladies are not giving up on their favorite short, aka mini skirts. Combining them with sweaters in winter and autumn or with a cold shoulder and Bardot tops in spring and summer, mini skirts are Korean must.

Mini skirts are a must in every fashionable Koreans girls closet

3. Minimalism

Like our Scandinavian ladies, Korean girls love minimalism and have perfected it when it comes to fashion. Often when we think of fashion in Asia we get the picture of colorful and packed with ornaments styles of the Japanese and Chinese fashion industry; Korean fashion is all about simple and minimal shapes and when it comes to colours as we mentioned before they are all about earth hues – important thing to mention about Korean fashion when it comes to colors is that they do mix and match colors to an extent but you will rarely see a shirt for example with more than two widely different hues on it, especially not of different tones.

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