3 Outfits For Urban Summer

In the 21st century, most of the world’s population lives in urban surroundings, obviously, we will not spend the whole summer laying on the beach in our comfortable bikinis and light sundresses, quite a good amount of time we will be bound, well we are bound to the concrete jungles we call homes for the most of the time.

This article will be dedicated to 3 outfits you can wear in the city while it is summer, 3 outfits you will be comfortable in and look amazing.

  1. High Neck Cami + Ripped Jeans

High neck camis are an absolute hit when it comes to the, well cami top fashion. In summer we girls really do love our simple, easy to style camis. Matching ripped jeans with it is perfect for urban summer, you get the comfort of wearing pants and simple top yet you are not too hot in this pretty outfit.

2. Bell bottoms + Basic t-shirt

Another simple combination, quite similar to the first one when it comes to the very style and practicality. Bell bottoms are making a slow return on the scene and are perfect for everyone wanting to switch a bit their skinny jeans with something else besides boyfriend and mom jeans. Simple white or band(graphic) t-shirt will do its trick and make you look amazing yet effortless.

3. Denim Skirt + Feminine Blouse

Here at She Simply Shops we are crazy about this, well it is a summer trend 2018 really, simple A-line mini skirts mixed and matched with interesting feminine blouses, often Bardot or cold shoulder styles. When it comes to colors you have options from picking nice classic pastels or even deciding to wear nice summer inspired colorful stripe printed ones, you simply can not go wrong. It is an urban outfit, yet it has that summer flair we love.


I hope we have made the summer styling for all us urban dwellers a little bit easier.

Photo Credits: Celebsvenue

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