3 Modern Marriage Killers Caused By Selfishness

Do you want a great marriage? Avoid these 3 Modern Marriage Killers Caused By Selfishness

Marriage is supposed to be a union between a man and a woman, such a relationship that none of the two partners involved should think upon his or her life alone. Today many married couples are seeking to call it quit with marriage because they promote selfish behaviors which are tearing their marriages apart; and most often than not, they are not aware of these behaviors. The following three issues mentioned below are common examples of such behaviors found today.

Marriage Killers #1

Trying to defend yourself in times of arguments without considering the feelings of your partner.  This can go either ways, and it happens when one of the partners tries to justify his or her actions without having any considerations for whatever reason the other person may have. The first partner may try to do this to win the other to his side but because of the way he is doing it, it usually fails.

Marriage Killers #2

Hiding issues from your wife or husband. This can either be big issues or small ones; as long as it has to do with one partner it has to be brought to the hearing of the other. Do not assume that your partner should understand what you are going through or that he or she should be able to read your mind to guess what is happening to you, you have to actually share it with him or her.

Marriage Killers #3

Getting too concerned about your partner’s behavior or habit, and not about yours. When you marry to someone, you should understand that you have married whatever behavior or habit the person has, hence if you are not comfortable with any of these you have to correct him or her in love. Note that as you have noticed a bad behavior in your partner, he too has noticed yours, because we all have our bad side, only that we try to always close our eyes against them.

There is no relationship that is perfect, but when couples try to put aside all selfish motivated behaviors and think on how to make their partners happy at all times, they will discover that the home will be much better a place to live.

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