3 Looks to rock this spring

In every transitional period, we catch ourselves contemplating our whole wardrobe. We shop for new clothes and imagine all the lovely combinations we can have with them.

Fashion is such an amazing thing, we get the chance to express ourselves in so many ways, we can even brake some rules of fashion and manage to look and feel good. Wardrobes of 21st-century women are versatile, fun, engaging. We have the plethora of styles to pick from so we can show the side of our personality to the world best that we can.

Like with any seasonal period, for spring 2018 we have followed some hints and we can surely map out few looks that will be the trendiest.


Smart Sexy – don’t expect to hear this name for this style anywhere else because i just made it up. I made up the name not the style to be clear. What this style really is, is a continuation of late 90’s early ’00s trend, but with a 21st-century twist. Tight a line skirts paired with equally as tight shirts and turtlenecks or with casual Ts. Comfortable, good to look at and quite practical in general. Why smart? You can wear it to library or school, but you can also rock it in a sexy way.

Sporty Chic –  oh yes, you have read it well. When you mash comfortable sweatshirts and pants with chic items such as high heels, leather jackets, fur coats or anything that you would not really think of mixing sporty clothes in the past, you get the spring 2018 style to rock!

This look fulfills both our need for comfort and our need too look well put together.


Feminine Flowy – Spring is the right time for us to channel our femininity. Embrace all the flowy dresses and shirts and embrace the white and beige colors. Clean, bright and sensual clothes for a season that is just like it. The new beginning of the year should be celebrated with the same type of clothes.

When it comes to the style of the dresses and shirts, it doesn’t really matter as long as they look like they are made of air itself. Forgive me my poetic nature, but it is the closest thing i can describe this whole style as. Made of Air.

Empire, A-line, Blousin, no matter the dress type you pick as long as it is looking feminine and as long as you combine it as such.


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