3 Fashion Editorials We Love Right Now

A big part of our fashion energy is spent on creative ways to present clothes the best we can, to sell the story it can tell. Fashion editorials are a great way to do it. People enjoy seeing beautiful photography and with the imaginative story presented in them, therefore i took some time and went through few magazines to see which 3 editorials to present you with.


Vogue is known for its amazing editorials and their April 2018 issue is not different. We got to see beautiful blonde model Hana Jirickova play the role of the 80s glammed up lady living her everyday life like we all do but with a little drama.

Bright yellow jumpsuit a nod to the 80s

Photographer Gregory Harris put pretty Hana in center of 80s drama movie like setting and stylist Tony Irvine was following the theme but did not give up on color, actually Irvine and Harris managed to make vibrant colors look dramatic and wearable – yes even the ruffled white shirt, famously known as a pirate shirt.



Another Vogue April issue editorial I really enjoyed, from Vogue Spain to be exact.

This time with a gracious model Amanda Murphy in the main role but still in the same decade, late 80s early 90s. Set in a desert, Nevada like ambient a rich young female figure appears to be living the music video of Shania Twain.

We can see quite a few Versace items being strouted proud and loud, good pick by stylist Juan Cebrian. I really have to mention hairstyle, sleeked shoulder length hairdo really made the whole editorial look complete.



The Last Magazine took us further back than both Vogue editorials i have mentioned above, they took us to the time of world war 2 with their strict forms and ”natural” colors such as olive and brown.

Model Adela looks like a protagonist in a period drama movie set on the British Islands ready to depart with the army nurses.

We see the transition from feminine ruffles and lace details to straight coats embellished with patches.

There you have it guys 3 beautiful editorials from 3 amazing magazines with models that deserve every praise and of course creative teams that made all this possible.


Written by: Milica Dje

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