3 Best Costumes of Halloween 2018

She Simply has waited some time to pass from Halloween so we could asses the costumes celebrities decided to wear without too much enthusiasm that follows our first encounter with their images and give our She Simply best-dressed titles too.

Hollywood loves, loves, loves Halloween and how would it not, the place where fantasies become reality, we can say that Halloween is Hollywoods number 1 Hollyday for sure. Celebrities take their costume game super seriously, we dare say some of them are obviously quite competitive and leave nothing to chance.

Who were best-dressed celebrities this Halloween according to She Simply?


  1. Heidi Klum and Tom

The German supermodel is known for her over the top Halloween masks and this year she brought as much to the Halloween table as ever. Heidi and her drummer boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, member of famous German band ”Tokio Hotel” dressed up in fairy tale characters from ”Shrek”. They looked like they are having the time of their lives.


2. Bella Hadid and The Weekend

Another beautiful model, and not the last in our article, is Bella Hadid who had some fun masking in Beetlejuice characters with her on again off again, boyfriend. The model was dressed up as Lydia while the singer was Betelgeuse. They definitively wore a mask we did not see much being worn in the past. These two looked like they were having so much fun and like their shaky relationship is finally stable enough for them to show it off to the world.

3. Kendall Jenner

The supermodel and reality star had a fun time dressing up in a couple of costumes with her friends and family. Kenny was a movie character, a witch and something that we can’t really even call a costume, but rather a work uniform for her, Victorias Secret Angel. This lovely Scorpio is having the time of her Scorpio life in Scorpio season.


She Simply did not intend to make this a runway with all these models, but it is what it is, the models had the best costumes this Halloween.

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