23 Must-Have Timeless Items You Gotta Have In Your Closet!!!

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7. Simple V-Neck Shirts


A V-neck t-shirt is a must have as it is ideal for a simple and casual look. There is nothing breezier or easier than it. Great for everyday wear, you can also wear it to the gym. They are comfortable, flattering and long lasting too. You can pair it with shorts and jeans, and then add a hippie headband and sunglasses to up your style quotient.

8. Long Trench or Statement Coat


A classic trench coat makes a great fashion statement and is timeless in nature. Whether you are going for a chic and gorgeous look or a demure and reserved look, you will find trench coat that will meet your needs. Just to name a few, you can wear them to work, dinners and dates. Match your trench coat with skinny jeans, a lightweight scarf and a pair of rain or knee-high boots for a stylish and sophisticated look.

9. Brightly-Colored, Lightweight Scarf


If there is one accessory that completes any outfit and adds zing and style to it, then that is a scarf. Scarves come in a variety of designs and styles, and give you a plenty of opportunity to experiment your look with. It would be ideal to go for a variety of scarves ranging from different shapes, color and length.

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