23 Must-Have Timeless Items You Gotta Have In Your Closet!!!

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4. Skinny Jeans


If there is one item of clothing that absolutely goes with anything, and we mean simply anything, is skinny jeans. To put it in culinary terms, it is the table salt that goes with everything. The idea that you can only wear your skinny jeans with long shirts and tunics is an absolute fallacy. You can choose between numerous options, including the 90s fame acid- and mineral-washed skinny jeans and coated black skinny jeans. You can pair it with knee-high boots and a loose-fitting top for an insanely awesome look.

5. Dark Wash Jeans


With a wide variety of jeans available in the market, a classic pair of dark-wash jeans still makes for a great item to have in your closet. You can match it with any t-shirt and you have a simple yet elegant look. You can even wear them to work on casual days and friendly outings. White dress shirt and black pumps work great with dark wash jeans giving you sophisticated classic look.

6. White Tee


A white t-shirt is as classic and timeless as it can get. Not only is it comfortable and a great fit, a white t-shirt is ideal and flattering on all body shapes and types. There is very little chance of going wrong with a white t-shirt. You can pair it with a blazer and a statement necklace and walk into your office or you can head out with friends wearing it with sunglasses and a scarf. It also gives you an opportunity to explore with different necklines, including classic V and round neck.

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