21 Things You Did Not Know About Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston became widely popular as Rachael from the hit NBC TV show Friends. The show ran for 10 years with great success and made her a household name. Here are 21 interesting facts about Jennifer Aniston you might not know of:

1. Jennifer was born Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis on 11 February 1969. She later shortened her name so that it could be easier for people to remember and pronounce.

2. Jennifer comes from a family of actors. Both her parents are actors. Her father, John Aniston, is popular for playing the role of Victor Kiriakis from the hit daytime drama series Days of Our Lives. Her mother, Nancy Dow, was an actress and model, and appeared numerous television shows and movies. Jennifer has royal heritage from her mother’s side. She is a direct descendant of the Royal House of Stuart of Scotland.

3. Jennifer grew up in Greece for a year as a child before moving to Pennsylvania and later to New York City.

4. At 11 years old, Jennifer had one of her paintings featured in Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition.

5. Growing up in high school, Jennifer was known as the class clown. It was at the age of 11 that Jennifer took a love for acting.

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