21 Things You Did Not Know About Jada Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Smith is known to be an incredibly talented actress and singer. However, there is much more to her than what most of us know and, to give you some fun facts and interesting anecdotes about her life, we have created a list of the 21 Things You Did Not Know About Jada Pinkett Smith.

  1. Born in Baltimore in 1971, Jada Koren Pinkett was raised by her mother and her grandmother, after her parents divorced.
  2. She took piano, tap dance and ballet classes when she was a child. 
  3. She was named Miss Maryland in 1988, when she was only 17.
  4. Jada Pinkett Smith won a lip-synching contest when she was in high school, performing Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star”. 
  5. She started her own heavy metal band, called “Wicked Wisdom” in 2002, debuting their first album in 2006. 
  6. She met Tupac Shakur in high school and they became good friends, the two had a disagreement after the hip hop artist got out of jail, but they couldn’t fix it before his death. 
  7. After one year of college, she dropped out of the North Carolina School of Arts, heading to Hollywood. 
  8. She met her husband Will Smith in 1990, while audition for a part in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The two remained in contact and, in 1995, they started dating. 
  9. Her acting career kicked off in 1990, when she landed her first role in an episode of True Colors. She ten appeared in other popular series, including 21 Jump Street. 
  10. In 1994, she started her own music production company, called 100% Womon Productions. In the same year she also launched a fashion label, Maja
  11. She has published a children’s book titled Girls Hold Up This World in 2004, which she wrote for her daughter Willow.
  12. She is not only partner in love with Will Smith, but also in business. The two are part shareholders of the basketball team Philadelphia 76ers. 
  13. After filming The Karate Kid in China, she brought home a stray dog and two cats.
  14. She is good friends with the actor Tom Cruise. 
  15. Together with her husband Will Smith, she has created the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, providing family support and helping inner city youth. 
  16. She says that her three children have taught her the most in life. 
  17. Trey Smith is Will’s son from a previous relationship with Sheree Zampino. Jada said in a letter that she has learned to love both Trey and his mum as part of her own family. 
  18. Only in 2017, she revealed to have been sober from alcohol for over 13 years.
  19. Jada has a great relationship with her mum, who had her at a very young age, while she was still in school.
  20. She has stated in an interview that she loves religion and that she has thought about going back to school to get a world religion degree. 
  21. Jada and Will are often referred to as one of Hollywood’s best couples. 

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